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Nusa Penida Island | Things to do in Nusa Penida Island

Things to know and a little information of Nusa Penida Island before visiting the Island .

Nusa Penida Island is the biggest island among three island that belong to Bali sea territory  . Thus 3 Islands including Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan . Nusa Lembongan has developed as one f Island hopping destination before the others .  Located in the south eastern  coast of Bali Island , can reach around 30 minutes by fast boat from Sanur port .  Nusa Penida Island is a new growing Island for tourism industry , therefore the infrastructure are not really develop especially the road  .
Due to the island condition , lack of fresh water supply and some of basic stuffs will have to bring from Bali Island . Therefore the prices there will be a little higher if compare than Bali mainland . Don’t expect for stars hotel or very exclusive restaurant over there , its still local ambiance and atmosphere .

Things to do in Nusa Penida Island 

Kelingking beach

Kelingking mean the little finger . This is probably the shape of the rock by the sea coast looking like little finger , but for me personally that rock is look like T’rex dinosaur . Kelingking beach in Nusa Penida island located in the southern part of Nusa Penida . In the village of Bunga Mekar , approximately 1,5 hours drive from port through very bumpy road . With a white sand beach and Chrystal blue clear water make this place as one of the tourism icon in Nusa Penida . But to get down to the beach we will have to defeat about 400 steep stairs down from the cliff . We will not recommend you to go down during our Nusa Penida day trip package , because you will spend half day to do it .

Nusa Penida Island

Angel Billabong and broken beach

Angel Billbong is large infinity pool by the sea side that created by the nature thousand years ago . The rock are crafted by high tide for thousand years back , this nature artwork created an amazing landscape views . You could swim in but be careful when the tide is high . So prepare for a great time , wear your swim suites for great shot in the nature infinity pool . But be careful when taking the step down to the beach , its slightly difficult and sharp rocky cliff .

Nusa Penida Island

Broken beach

Actually Angel Billabong and broken beach is located in the same area . It’s next from Angel billabong , approximately 10 minutes walk from the nature infinity pool Angel Billabong . A large rock with whole inside and just look like an ancient bridge . The sea water will come through the whole and fill it up the big pool looking area behind the rock . Some picture spot are provided by the local villagers for you to have your memorable and best shot of the broken beach .

Nusa Penida Island Nusa Penida Island

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida Island

Another interesting place to visit in Nusa Penida Island is Crystal bay .  Beach with calm and crystal clear water make this beach become one of the favorite place for swim , snorkeling as well as diving . Crystal bay in an unique beach , one of the beach that you may see an ancient Mola Mola fish . Nusa Penida Island During our NusaPenida Island Package  , this place going to be our last stop before heading back to Bali . Therefore you can spend you remaining time before have to go to the port for boat check in  .

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