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Uluwatu Kecak dance show

Uluwatu Kecak Dance show is one of the most spectacular dance performance in Bali Island . One hour duration of traditional dance show by the villagers . The dace perform every 6pm on the open stage of Uluwatu cliff beside Uluwatu Temple . Its noble , incredible and spectacular dance to see indeed .

Bellow is the pictures of Uluwatu temple that you can explore before the dance start

Bali Pre Wedding Photo Uluwatu Kecak Dance Uluwatu kecak Dance
Over 60 bare breast mans with his traditional dress entering the stage and sitting in a circle .  Start chanting ” Cak – Cak – Cak ” rhythmically , no instruments involved but only rhythmic sound from their own voice  . Inside the circle is a traditional dance perform telling  the story of great Ramayana Evict . This spectacular performance is Kecak and fire dance show by the local villagers of surrounding area . They perform the Kecak dance every day during the sunset time for tourist attraction .

Beautiful sunset and incredible landscape that you can explore before the dance start

Uluwatu Kecak dance is the most popular dance  and a must see dance in Bali Island . In the high season visitors are coming early in order to get the ticket and find a best place to seat . The stage are full even there are some of them still want to enter but the ticket are sold out . This is the common situation during the high season , especially local holiday season . Our domestic visitors is the biggest number of tourist i Bali island and watching Uluwatu Kecak dance is their bucket list .
Beside the interesting dance story , Uluwatu dance stage is build on the cliff of Uluwatu Temple . A special location surrounding by incredible view of Uluwatu cliff and Indian Ocean .Only few meters on the right side of the temple facing to the Indian ocean . It’s a very special place , especially during the clear weather when the sun is setting over Indian ocean which is just in front of the stage .

Uluwatu Kecak Dance

The story of Uluwatu Kecak Dance

Uluwatu Kecak Dance narrated story of Ramayana , the Hindu evict from Ramayana legend . The story begin when Rama the prince exiled in the forest due to family conflict in the Kingdom . He have to give his right to be a King to his younger brother Prince Barata . Even his brother don’t want it but he have to follow his Mom , Ratu Kekayi wish . Ratu Kekayi is a step mother of Rama , the second wife of his father , the King . The King promise before married to Ratu Kekayi that he will give his throne to her son . As a good Son from the first King’s wife  , Rama have to follow what his father promise . He don’t want his father break his promise that course him fall into a sin .
This story actually start during his 12 years in the forest . Rama and his wife Sita accompany by his brother Laksamana . In the forest they live in a very poor life but love keeping them always together until Rahwana saw Prince Rama Wife . Rahwana is actually an opposite character , a king of evil . Rahwana saw the beautiful lady in the forest and falling in love with her . But he can’t reach her because the lady is with her husband Prince Rama and his brother .

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Rahwana start his trick by send his follower to turn become beautiful deer creature . This creature attract Dewi Sita and ask her husband to catch the deer . This is actually the purpose of Rahwana to be able to approach Sita without any protection from her husband . Rahwana King turn become a holly price to ask for a gift from the prices  , but once Dewi Sita getting out from the protection circle circle Rahwana Catch her and fly her away to his kingdom .

Protection circle is made by Rama and his brother Laksamana to protect Sita from any bad thing , she must not getting out from the circle .

On this part coming Jatayu bird trying to help Sita , he fight heroically but he defeated by Rahwana weapon . Jatayu bird than founded by Rama and tell that Dewi Sita Kidnapped by King Rahwana . In pursuit to seek his wife Prince Rama meet Hanuman the white monkey . He willing to help Rama to find his wife , than Prince Rama give his ring to be given to his wife whenever they meet . With his power he flying to Rahwana Kingdom and meet Princes Sita , making a disaster by burning the city of Alenka Rahwana Kingdom
  Uluwatu Kecak Dance
This is actually the high point of the show , where Hanuman with his great acting play with fires . He also coming to the audience , playing with the tourist with his funny acting as a white monkey . The dance almost done with the last scene where the evil King killed by Prince Rama and the Prince meet with his lover , Prices Sita .

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