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Bali Tour

Flexible, reliable trustworthy Bali Tour service in Bali Island . Private tour with your professional English speaking drivers

What make Bali become the top destination in Indonesia ?
Its probably the exotic beaches , amazing mountain landscape , agriculture system with its amazing view rice terraces  . Perhaps because of its unique tradition , easy going and also friendly peoples . All thus beautiful land , culture and tradition lead all Balinese living i harmonize with nature . Living in peace with others based on Hindu tradition concept . This way of living made us living our day with smile . All this things above can be found with Galih Bali Tour . We are local professional English speaking drivers who will definitely introduce our culture and bring you to see the real Bali , smile in our lips in sincerity .

meet our friendly and nice smile drivers . Wayan , Made , Made Kulik , Ketut Legawa , Eka , Bali Joe , Made Susila , Made Merta , Moxer and Puspa 

Bali Tour

With Galih Bali Tour , we believe we can satisfy your need of your best  memorable time in our island . Indeed we make a great connection with every clients by providing and giving the best part of our Bali tour service . We guarantees and expect only excellent service from all of our Bali  drivers as your Bali Tour Guide . Our goal is to give you a best memorable time during your vacation in Bali Island . You will meet Bali in the smile of our Drivers , you will find the best sightseeing program , hidden gem and activities with us .

Our reliable vehicle from standard car , minibus until 17 seats passenger . Available with our English speaking driver cum guide

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Why Choose Bali Private Driver from Galih Bali Tour ?

Comfortable and reliable car

English speaking Driver cum guide

Flexible , fun and easy going driver

Tailored and open schedule itinerary

Zero deposit and no cancellation fees

No hidden cost

Design your tour by your own

All of our tour is design base on your own interest . You may modify as you like and we will accommodate the changing as long as in one direction. During the day our driver will accompany everywhere you go , explain what you need about Bali information . We are a driver but we are knowledgeable with our own culture , know every single place in our own land .  We will make sure you get the best part of Bali Tour program for your memorable vacation .

Meet your interest

We will also organize all the activities with very reasonable rate . Great activities such as White water rafting , Bali elephant ridding , Bali Cycling , Bali Trekking , Bali Water sport . Cooking class , Bali Spa and also many more .For our first timer clients , we also provide a great package as a consideration . Our package is made to make easy and meet your interest . From Bali full day tour , Bali combination tour and also Bali hotel transfer with tour .

so don’t hesitate to contact us and meet one of our driver
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About the Author
Hii All Thank you for reading my article . My name is Made from Bali Island , I am a private driver and tour guide in Bali . writing an article about our culture and tradition , beauty and interesting place to visit is my hobby . My article is far from perfect but wish can help anyone who read to find a new idea where to go for vacation .
  1. Eloise Reply

    We may go to Bali next year, we’ve been thinking about it for a while now.
    It will be important for us to have a local guide that will introduce us to the culture, and not to have any elephant riding included in the tour!

  2. Sreekar Reply

    Oh I know them well. I had taken a tour to Tulamben with them a year ago. They were very professional and hospitable. Recommend them highly!

  3. Ana De- Jesus Reply

    It is great to hear that there are no hidden costs and that you get an English Speaking Guide. It sounds like a wonderful way of exploring Bali as well and as you know I have a fondness for the culture as they have beautiful vistas and stunning street art murals.

  4. Ali Rost Reply

    I love the idea of exploring Bali with one’s very own guide. My husband and I have never had the luxury when we’ve traveled, but maybe we should next time. Especially if the guide is local because they’ll know the history and some of the best spots to go! x

  5. jhilmil Reply

    Great, Bali is really adventurous place and what better than having a personal guide to explore its beauty to its potential. Shall contact when I plan to visit for sure.

  6. Akamatta Reply

    It is really important to find registered and reliable tours when you are in a strange country. Glad you did!

  7. Mayuri Reply

    We are going to Bali this December and this is such an informative post. Galih Bali Tour sounds awesome…I need to look into the details now. 🙂

  8. Jajwalya Reply

    it is amazing how transparent the tourist service is in Bali! Plus with these guys it must be so much fun and culture driven too! Okay now I have got to plan a trip to Bali!
    Apparently Bali does not even require visa for Indian citizens.

  9. Tiina A Reply

    To go to a new place it is pretty essetial to have someone to show you around and what could be a better way than having an English speaking local to give you a tour. Never been to Bali but i have friends who have moved there and set up a couple of hotels and a restaurant.

  10. Stephanie Sherlock Reply

    Bali is on my bucket list. A local guide is a great idea to learning more about the culture, people and history.

  11. five little doves Reply

    I love that you get an English speaking guide, this is something we have had previously where the guide only talked the language of the country we were in! Makes for a difficult tour!

  12. Sajad Ahmad Mir Reply

    Bali is really a great place to visit, I have heard about it so many times.

  13. Kallia Reply

    Great job for not having any hidden fees in your tour services! Mini-Vans look great and they are awesome that they fit 17 people!

  14. Sheri Reply

    Sounds great, I would definitely love to go white water rafting and Elephant riding. That would be a great experience.

  15. Blair villanueva Reply

    I want to experience the beauty of Bali and immersed to its natural beauty. And also an opportunity to meet the locals.

  16. christy Reply

    I NEED to experience this, thank u SO Much for this post. I’d love to know more, can u email me

    You look so happy in these pics so keep it all up!

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