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Discover spectacular Waterfall in Bali

You must familiar with most of the spectacular places to visit around Bali island . From the nice and beautiful beaches , spectacular landscape and rice terraces and also all the famous tourist city .
But do you also notice that Bali Island is also a places of many spectacular and gorgeous waterfall ?
many of them even still pure and consider hidden place to visit . Even though some of the waterfall in Bali has become a great icon of most visited sites in Bali .

So if you an adventurous and looking for some hidden sites but not secret , here is some gorgeous Bali waterfall that worth to visit in Bali Island . Best place to be consider as a perfect place to visit during your Bali Tour Program .

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1 . Sekumpul 7 angel waterfall

You might familiar with the name Sekumpul waterfall , this waterfall is quite popular among the adventurous tourists in Bali . But have you ever heard about 7 angel waterfall ? might not because I just created the name now . This name is just to describe the beauty and the spectacular of this waterfall , yes there are 7 waterfall in one area . To reach to the waterfall you will need to walk quite far and very steep stairs down to the river .
Location  : In Singaraja region , north Bali . About 3 hours drive from Denpasar airport
Waterfall in Bali Waterfall in Bali Waterfall in Bali

2 . Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad cepung waterfall is one of the hidden waterfall in Bali  . The waterfall which is located in Bangli region , Tembuku village , about one and half hours drive from Denpasar airport . Tukad Cepung waterfall is not difficult to find , its just next to one of Bali Elephant park in Bakas village . This waterfall is very beautiful small waterfall , picturesque waterfall and less crowd .
Location : Tembuku village , Bangli Region .
3 Days Bali Tour Waterfall in Bali

3 . Kanto lampo Waterfall

Beautiful small waterfall in the center of Gianyar Region , about one hours drive from Kuta or south Bali . This place getting popular among local visitors because of the Photogenic waterfall location . In a good water condition you can swim in the river and climb the cascade to have a very nice pictures .
Location : Beng Village , Gianyar
Waterfall in Bali waterfall in Bali Waterfall in Bali Waterfall in Bali

4 . Munduk Waterfall 

North Bali island is blessed with beautiful nature and landscape . Most of the beautiful waterfall in Bali is located in the north Bali . Munduk waterfall is geographically located in Munduk village on the northern valley of Singaraja region . Quite far from south Bali , to reach here you will need to drive around 3 hours from Kuta area . But its worth , along the way there are many beautiful sites that can combine with this sites and be one of the most favorite Bali Tour route .
Location : Munduk village , Singaraja
Waterfall in Bali Waterfall in Bali Waterfall in Bali Waterfall in Bali

5 . Banyumala Wanagiri Waterfall 

The journey is not over here in the north . Another beautiful waterfall just near Bedugul area , just next from the view of incredible twin lake area . Banyumala quite popular among adventures and nature seeker  . To reach this waterfall will be quite challenging trek even we can still drive until the parking lot .
Location : Wanagiri Village , Singaraja 
Waterfall in Bali

6 .  Tibumana Waterfall

Perhaps not so popular yet like other touristy waterfall around Bali . But this waterfall is really worth to visit . As soon as you arrive at the sites you will amazed with beautiful waterfall about 20 km high , both are close each other . Most of the visitors still local peoples from Bali island . To reach this waterfall it will be confusing if you use the google map . Best way is to organize your Bali Private Driver to guide you and find that sites directly through the main road .
Location : Apuan Village , Bangli district
Waterfall in Bali

7 . Tegenung Waterfall

This place has become most crowded waterfall in Bali island . Probably because of the strategic location in the heart of the tourist sites area . Lies in between Ubud and Sukawati district as a perfect stopping sites and very easy to combine with any tour direction in that area .
Location : Tegenung Village , Gianyar region
Waterfall in Bali

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