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Positive thing to do to reduce the stress

Life is about balance , stress can come to everyone because the routines of the daily activities that we have . We have to be wise to share the time in order to keep things in balance .

Have you ever feel damn tired  ? Physical tired also our brain .

Positive things to do This is what I have recently due to our small online Bali tour business are growing . I have to standby for almost 18 hours to replay all the Bali Tour inquiry , making the schedule for all our drivers . Standby a whole day just in case anything happen during the tour .  This is paining my ass  and make headache disregards the benefit that we earn . But as soon as I get use to and able to manage the job , its all be fine .

Positive Thing To do

For my self beside keep learning how to manage the time and the job , its important to do something to reduce the stress . In this case of course the positive thing , fortunately I have some hobbies , not one but few positive things that I love to do . Perhaps this would be a great idea for you if you are a busy persons and having same problems like me .

1 . Do exercise at the gym

I like to do exercise and this is one of the positive thing to do  , I don’t smoke or and only drink coffee sometimes . Every morning after all the job done and just need to standby by phone . I will go to do exercise near my house in one of the local gymnasium . Meeting some friends and see a nice view of all thus sexy young girl doing their exercise hahahaha . Doing it for almost 1- 2 hours everyday , its a very positive routine schedule . Get sweet and health also refresh my eyes .

Positive thing to do Positive Thing to do Positive thing to do

2 . Do brain exercise , Positive thing to do

Some peoples said they don’t like cheese game . It will make them headache , but for me playing cheese is a good refreshment for my brain . Usually after doing morning exercise , I will stop in front of the gym store and meet one old man who always standby there . He is the key maker , his job to make money for his family . While he waiting for someone coming , he will be happy if there’s someone coming and ask to play with .

3 . Writing a blog , positive thing to do

This activity might not everyone like it . I am not good in writing a blog in English but this activity is a very interesting thing to do for me . Blogging is my new hobby , by writing I can improve my English and also making a story and keeping all the great moment that I had in a blog post . By writing a blog also I can promote my small business . The rich blog post content will increase the SEO of our site rating in google . I am not good with that , I am just learning by doing it and having fun with it .

Positive things to do Positive things to do Positive things to do

4 . Having a small aquarium in our desk table .

Snorkeling is my hobby , but I don’t have much time to do that because have to drive far to the place for doing this activity . I love to see fish and I have a small aquarium on my working desk . I love to see them swim in clear water inside the aquarium , changing the aquarium water 3 times in a week is also one of the beautiful activity that I like to do . Of course with special ways to don’t disturb the peace of the fish in it .

4 . Taking care plantation in a pot

I love farming but since I am living in a big city , I can’t do this . But I have some solution by plant some threes in the pot . Put it in front of the house , in some free space even in the garage .  Watering the plant everyday and watching the grow well is such a beautiful thing to have . Especially during the harvest season . I have some plants in the pots that bear fruit in season , not much but make happy a whole entire family .

5 . Drink beer with friend , positive thing to do

I like beer especially if we drink together with friends . Having chat with them , making a funny story , a lot of lough while listening nice music . I use to do it in our house , one or two bottle each person is enough , for saving money .

6 . Sit down in silent just 15 minutes every day

15 minutes every day or if we can increase it to 30 minutes or even more . We need to pray some thanks to what we have in our life and ask for good thing in life . I am a Hindu believer and  I use to do this in the morning or evening before sleep in front of our family temple . Just enough 15 minutes in silent , I feel very fresh and some great feeling that I can’t explain . A very peaceful feeling . Would you like to try that ? start with 5 minutes than increase the timing once you get use to . Its good if we do it in the same time everyday , but if its hard anytime will do . But in the morning before the activity is the best time . The fresh morning air will help our brain to relaxes and will bring you a very peaceful feeling .

7 . Do travelling or seeing the beautiful place

When we hear travelling , we will things that’s an expensive things to do . Need to spend a lots of money for plane ticket , hotel and personal expense  . No no no , this is wrong , my travelling is cost nothing and everyone can do it . There are so many beautiful place around us , no need to go far away for vacation if we have no budget for this . Some said a gold in front of our eyes does not appear but ant across the sea we saw it very clear . This is mean so many beautiful place to visit all around us and do not need to travel far . We are lucky enough to born in Bali Island , we have beach , landscape and there are a lots of fun activity .


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