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Kintamani Tour

Kintamani Tour

Our tour during Ubud transfer with sightseeing plan , Kintamani Tour program . Must do program in Bali Island and consider one of the best tour itinerary plan .

The sun coming in the east and hiding behind the cloud after a little raining early morning . Start drive from home a little bit early in order to don’t stuck in the traffic even I reach early in the Hotel where our clients stay . I don’t mind to be there earlier , I can sit down in great sofa and enjoy the fresh morning from the luxury Hotel lobby . This is actually what I like , coming early to the Hotel and sitting down enjoy the nice Hotel lobby atmosphere while waiting our clients .


our pictures during short trekking to the waterfall . Isn’t to far but a little bit challenging especially when we reach in the river . We also tried local delicacy , fresh from the fan ‘ Fried Banana ‘ . The fresh Banana directly from the farm . Yes along the way to waterfall we can stop for drink and try this local sweet . 

3 Days Bali Tour Kintamani Tour

Today we are planing to do Kintamani Tour , a customs made and private Bali tour  . Its my first day trip with a young couple from Greek .  So far I meet many different country peoples from Europe , especially thus three  country France , German and Italy . They are some of the biggest country in Europe who support our tourism industry , the number of visitors from this three country are the biggest among all European country . But today is my precious and special day to meet them , visitors from Greek .

Panglipuran village , one of the ancient village that we visited during the tour . One of the Bali village who still keeping strongly the ancient rules in for living in harmonize with the nature . Its beautiful and peaceful village setting and environment .  

Kintamani Tour Kintamani Tour

The plan are fixed , we actually discus the program few week before the coming to Bali . They are interested with our Bali Hotel transfer via Kintamani Volcano tour .  Today they will leaving Seminyak Village and drive to Ubud Village and make some stop along the way according plan . They were in Seminyak Village for their first 3 days in Bali and will stay in Ubud village for the rest of their vacation  .

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So on the first stop actually as per their request to see Batik home industry . To see the process of making Batik , the traditional cloths .

Kintamani Tour

What is batik ?
Perhaps some of you wondering what is Batik . Batik is our traditional motif or the painting design on the cloths usually Sarong , the traditional cloth for Indonesian peoples . Batik is an ancient method how we pain the cloth using the traditional ways and simple color . Its hand made with , mainly two different color black and white . Batik on 2009 has awarded as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO . 

The pictures when we are at Sebatu Temple . The temple dedicated to lord Wisnu with large spring water inside the temple . This temple also known as purification temple for all Balinese Hindu , where in every good day peoples will come here to do purification ritual .

Kintamani Tour

After visiting Batik home industry than we continue drive to the first stopping place according the plan . Tukad Cepung waterfall than Panglipuran Village , Kintamani , Coffee farm and Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple as the last place that we visited .The tour were interesting , the weather were great . Not hot but cloudy , its perfect because the sun will not burning our skin . We are in tropical country , during the summer the sun shine is quite hot to the peoples who are not use to live in our country .

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