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Bali Swing and Bird nest – The new trend Instagram adventure

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Bali Swing is become one of new short , semi extreme adventure  trend activities in Bali Island . recently rising as one of must do activity to combine with sightseeing tour . Indeed Bali swing you will see in each place in Bali .

I am still remember when I was kid , swing is a common game for us  . There was no get get , play station television or other modern device . Most of the time we spend our childhood with nature from playing kite , war game with traditional hand made weapon . It was a  fantastic experience that might couldn’t do now because the kids are very busy with their own get get or android .

Swing game is a very simple and fun game. Where two straps are tied at the tree trunk and at the middle end are connected with a board. Where this board will be the place where we  seat when we swing. This game is usually done by 2 people. This game is very interesting and brings us to childhood memories .

Nowadays Swing become a new tourism activities . Yes swing by the river , swing by the rice field , swing by the edge of the lake . All with different high level and can pump up our adrenaline . With a high swing level adventure , this game will not recommended for the kids but only adult . You will scream and screaming once the staff swing you to the top over the river or the lake . Indeed an extremely fun short activities which is each package will included approximately 20 times swing . But that’s much enough to scream  .

There are some area for Swing in Bali such as Bali Swing by the lake over twin lake in Wanagiri area  the other one is in Ayung river and also in Tegallalang area  . This three places are the most recommended places for swing experience . Because all thus places offer great and amazing landscape view bellow the swing activities .  Swing and selfie , to get most memorable shot .

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