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Borobudur Temple for our second day in Yogyakarta

Second day is another big day for us in Yogyakarta . We plan to visit Keraton Yogyakarta and in the afternoon we will visit Borobudur Temple . Indeed will be another exciting day and we would love to share our experience here .

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Wake up morning time around 07 : 00 pm , feel fresh and full energy to do another big day adventure . We will explore Keraton Yogyakarta by our self since its located not so far from our Hotel . Once we arrive at the main road , we were surprise that so may persons offering short tour along Malioboro street using Pedicab or horse-drawn carriage . We take horse drawn carriage , were cost not so much for having a look around the city . They took us to visit the Batik industry , traditional pie fabric and end the trip in Keraton .
It was an amazing experience , unique experience and was my first time riding horse drawn carriage . We enjoyed much the trip and would love to share our pictures collection here bellow .

Bellow is our pictures that we taking after breakfast before start the trip with the drown horse carriage . 

Brobudur Temple

Our first stop were in the cake home industry production . Pia Pathok is one of the most popular cake made in Yogyakarta . Most of local tourists are taking this delicious cake to bring home for a gift to our friends and family beside Batik Clots . In this home industry we are learning and seeing how to make the cake and of course bring home some packages for souvenir . Indeed it was interesting experience to watch and learn how the cake making process .
And after visiting Pia Pathok home industry we were brought to Batik Home Industry . Batik is known as the very common cloth material that make in here in Yogyakarta . But actually this kind of home industry we can see it also in our island . We just wanting to find the original Batik cloth with good price , not touristy price .

The pictures bellow is during our trip of visiting cake house and Batik House 

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Next place that we were stop is Keraton Yogyakarta , the King of Yogyakarta Palace area . Its a such bi area and historical place , as a part of Indonesia Republic story . The place where our first Indonesia’s president Sukarno , crowned to be the first Indonesia republic leader . Than the king than awarded to have his area as a special territory of  Indonesia province . Where the King will be the governor without any democratic election till now . That’s Yogyakarta , the heart of Java and the picture of Java culture . The King still own and rule his own area with his own privilege and cultural rules in order to maintain the original Java culture .

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Borobudur Temple is one of the 7 wonder in the world . This Buddhist temple were built during Syailendra Dynasty , around 8 century . This Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in the world , the most complete Buddhist relief among all the Buddhist temple around the world .  There are 2. 672 relief , 504 Buddhist statue and 72 plus one main stupa on the top of the temple  . Inside each stupa there’s Buddha statue with perfect lotus sitting position with hand position call Dharmachakra Mudra . This temple were left behind starting around 14 century  , counted since the Hindu and Buddhist believer getting getting in Java and peoples are converting to Muslim .  Finally the temple were berried because of the Volcano eruption , Merapi volcano . The most active volcano in the world which is located in Yogyakarta . Until one of the heritage site scientist from Holland with local peoples help founded the temple again . Since than the world taking care the conservation of this site and start rebuild . The biggest renovation from 1975 to 1982 supported by UNESCO and this temple awarded as one of the world heritage site .

Borobudur Temple

We were spend almost half day around the Temple , the Borobudur temple area is such a big area with very great ancient architecture and the relief . The renovation were not totally change the view of original temple . All the sculpture and the stone are from original temple . Indeed this temple is a noble , amazing temple and we could see how great is Indonesian country in the past . We should be proud as a part of Indonesian .

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