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Yogyakarta is our first and beginning of our adventure

Yogyakarta is a beautiful province in Indonesia . The pictures of the original Java culture . As we know that Java culture is fading in most part of the island  . Indeed Yogyakarta is one of  the main destination for local tourist .


Starting here and I will bring you to explore more places

Finally after waiting so long and saving money , squeezing our expense for many years , this year 2018 will be our first adventure . The beginning of our adventure to see another part of the world . Starting here in our own country , Yogyakarta is our first destination of our 4 days tour in the middle of February .
Travelling is a not new things for me as I was a seamen before I decide to stay at home and build our Bali Tour Company   . I’ve been visited almost 50 different countries in 4 continent except Australia . But it was not fun travelling , it was working and I was having hard time to share my working time and seeing the country that we visited . But still it was my best experience and very proud to see another part of the world .
So we back here , Yogyakarta is our destination . We suppose to to be there on November but our flight were re schedule  due to the volcano activity . Than after few month finally we manage to do our plan . We leave Bali early morning about 5 am and reach Yogyakarta about 8 am and upon arrival we straight to the tour . We were organize the plan before , we contacting one of the private driver in Yogyakarta to assist us on the first day .


First day in Yogyakarta

Firs day in Yogyakarta was a full day trip , tiring day but fun . We actually not a touring couple , our Holiday we wish to have a relaxing day . But on the first day we did a full day trip and check in after tour . Perambanan Temple is first stop  , it’s located not far from airport approximately 30 minutes drive . This site is amazing , noble  , the ancient Hindu temple who were built around 9 century during the Syailendra Dynasty . From this site I can see the view of the past , how our ancestor built this incredible temple . We did a lots of things here and spend almost more than half day . We did sight seeing , trying the traditional drink , picture taking and horse ridding . Indeed a lots of fun and we just would like to share the story out of our pictures bellow .

Bellow is some of the pictures that we took while we visiting Perambanan Temple , Yogyakarta 













Ratu Boko Palace

In Perambanan temple we also take a ticket to visit Ratu Boko palace . An ancient palace who of the King named Ratu Boko . Who is Ratu Boko ? , he is the father famous legend of Loro Jongrang . This place based on the inscription were built by the King Rakai Panangkaran from dynasty Syailendra . This palace were built before 8 century as a resting place of the king after he give his throne to his son .















Tebing Brexi

Its actually a new trend site for young local teenager who like to have some nice pictures of the new popular sites for their social media update . Use to be this place is a former mining who turn become tourist attraction . We we arrive there after 40 minutes drive from Perambanan Temple and unfortunately was raining . We actually would like to try ATV ride around that area but couldn’t make it because of raining . So we just having look around and this is the place for my wife . She love making pictures with herself in it . Some of the pictures are stunning that you can find here bellow .

YogyakartaExploring the nature , national forest and seeing the city from 1000 meters above

Next places after Bukit Brexi , our driver took us drive to the highland to visit Pine forest at Pengger and Becici Hill . Incredible highland with amazing view , can’t describe with our camera . The first forest that we visited is Pengger Pine forest , nothing we can describe except the beauty , peacefulness and fresh air . From up hill we can see an incredible view of Yogyakarta city . As well as Becici Hill which is located not so far from Pengger Pine forest . This place getting popular after the former president of United states and family spend their time here . Mr Barack Obama with his family . The forest area offer a great place to see the view spot and selfie place . Selfie place is a new trend of local visitors , social media peoples .
This place is our last place and we spend our time having a look around . Taking a lot pictures , but I realize that our pictures can;t describe how pretty is this area , fresh air and peaceful . No wonder this place has become one of the alternative site to visit in Yogyakarta .
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”48″ gal_title=”Becici hill and Pengger Pine Forest”]
We do not spend our time until sunset time , we decide to leave to the place were we would like to stay . We will looking for a cheap accommodation around Malioboro street , the most famous street in the center of Yogyakarta city . We haven’t book any accommodation yet , we just look for a good and cheap accommodation for 3 night . Thanks to our driver Mr . Teguh who giving us a view where the best place to stay .
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”50″ gal_title=”Malioboro street”]
After check in and having a little rest , we going out for dinner and seeing the night activity at the Malioboro street . For local traveler , Malioboro is the main local tourist destination . The famous street of 2 km length as a street shopping and local culinary experience . One side of the road is all with the food stall , no chairs but seating on the floor . On the other side of the road is shopping area , all the souvenir things that we can bring home .
Enough for our first day  , we wont to recharge our energy for the next day . So we don’t spend much time in this interesting street to save the energy for our next day . Next day we would like to explore the king palace of Yogyakarta and also Borobudur Temple .


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