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Bali save To Visit by Mr . President Joko Widodo

Personally I would like to thank you so much to you Mr. President to visit our island . We are very appreciate what the government of Indonesia been doing especially our Mr . President  . His visit to Bali giving a massage to all tourists that Bali is very save to visit . This gonna be very good for our tourism industry , especially to encourage all Indonesian tourist to don’t worry to visit Bali .

Mr . President walking for few hours on the beach yesterday , Bali save to visit

Bali save

Bali save to visit
I woke up early morning today and see a great news on Facebook post . Mr. President in Bali , walking few kilometers on the beach without flip flop , bare feet . He look so happy enjoy the beauty of Kuta beach area . Accepting anyone who would like to take selfie with him . He accompany with some of his minister and also our Governor of Bali , Mangku Pastika . On his vlog he said ” Today I am in Kuta beach , look at around its very very very busy with the tourist ” .
His visit to Bali is to show to all Bali island visitors , that Bali is very safe to visit . Yes Bali save to visit  . Disregards with all thus fake news that telling Bali is a very dangerous island to visit because of volcano . He prove to anyone that Bali is save to visit , the volcano is very far from all our tourist area . Stay alert only up to 12 kilometers from the crater . While Kuta beach , Ubud , the airport , Denpasar  is very far from the volcano .

Bali Save Bali save

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The effect after Mr. President here in Bali with his message ‘ Bali is save to visit ” will encourage the visitors coming back to Bali . Especially local tourist , our own peoples as we know one of the biggest visitors in Bali is our own Indonesian peoples . For Bali Island Indonesian with 250 million population  is one of the biggest tourism  market .
We are Bali peoples who really depending on tourism industry having a very bad condition after the volcano erupted for the first time on 26th and followed with another eruption in 27th November . Not a big eruption but the ashes effected the plane route . For almost 4 days airport is close , this situation make no one dare to coming to Bali . Most of them cancel their plan or re plan the schedule until the volcano activity is stop . This situation getting worst because of the fake news all around the world , social media telling that Bali is very dangerous place to visit . This is such a big strike for Bali industry , we were collapse for few weeks . There are may big Hotel reduce their staffs by giving them a long therm vacation .

Bali save

For me its very bad . As a family who depending on tourism industry for living , we are very effected . How to continue our job , how about our drivers who really depending the job from our small company ? But thanks God  , you giving us strength to survive . We understand that this is just the nature even not a disaster or they telling us to make a little rest .
” Bali is save , there’s no reason to be scare to spend a new year celebration in Bali Island . We want to show it to everyone ” , He said .  Thanks MR . PRESIDENT , wish you good health .



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