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Best sunset in Bali

Its all about the best sunset place in Bali . Best sunset in Bali is our article of our pictures collection in Bali . We’ve taken this pictures time to time during our Bali Tour trip as a Bali Tour guide .

Are you looking a place to spend your time and see the spectaculars and stunning sunset view ?  Than come to Bali for great vacation  . Beside great culture ,  we are in Bali blessed with such a beautiful landscape , beaches . The beach in Bali known as the place of sunset ever . Most of the beaches in the south Bali are facing into the great Indian ocean .

Tanah Lot Sunset pictures

Our best pictures collection time to time during our Bali tour journey . Tanah Lot temple known as the best place for sunset view . Its stunning , incredible and amazing pictures to see . The temple was only a temple on the sea built by the fisherman around that area to ask for blessing for them as a fisherman . But since the 15 century the temple known as one of the most important temple for Hindu development . Known as the place where the last holy priest who stop there during his holy journey around Bali island . Dhanghyang Norartha , the holy priest come from Java Island to teach Bali peoples with the Hindu knowledge to strengthen our believe and culture . See more about Tanah lot temple here

Best sightseeing tour in Bali Best Sunset in Bali Best Sunset in Bali

Uluwatu Sunset Picture

Another spectacular sunset view you may see from this temple . Uluwatu temple is the 11 century temple built by Mpu Kuturan , the holly priest during his holy journey to Bali . Lies on the cliff facing to an Indian ocean make this place so special for sunset spot in Bali . See more about Uluwatu temple here

Best Sunset in Bali

Best sunset in Bali Best Sunset in Bali

Best sunset in Bali , Jimbaran bay

Jimbaran bay is known as a place for special romantic dinner . having seafood grill on the white sand beach with slow candle light dinner with beautiful sunset view on the Indian ocean . Such a wonderful and romantic moment indeed . In the afternoon time after dinner time this beach will be very busy , especially our domestic tourists and also Asian visitors .

Jimbaran Seafood dinner package Jimbaran Seafood dinner package Best sunset in Bali Best sunset in Bali

Seminyak Beach sunset

I am put Seminyak beach for the best sunset view in Bali not because I am living in Seminyak . But truly Seminyak beach offer a great sunset ever and you may also enjoy the sunset atmosphere by listening music , drink and all thus unset activity . Along the beach there will be a nice colorful umbrella over lazy been bag that we can spend our time for drink and also for a light food .

Best sunset in Bali Best sunset in Bali Seminyak BeachBest sunset in Bali

About the Author
Hii All Thank you for reading my article . My name is Made from Bali Island , I am a private driver and tour guide in Bali . writing an article about our culture and tradition , beauty and interesting place to visit is my hobby . My article is far from perfect but wish can help anyone who read to find a new idea where to go for vacation .
  1. five little doves Reply

    Oh I would LOVE to do a bali tour at sunset, I think it would be such a romantic moment for my husband and I to share.

  2. Mike Satterfield Reply

    Tanah Lot is an amazing place to visit, I have not been back in many years, and don’t know if I will ever be back again. But I am glad I got to see it. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  3. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany Reply

    Bali is amazing, we spent part of our honeymoon in Bali and got to witness their gorgeous sunsets. It’s a beautiful part of the world and I would go back in a heartbeat!

  4. Melanie May Reply

    Those photos taken at Tanah Lot temple are breathtaking. Exactly what I imagined Bali to be like. I have yet to travel to Bali but it is on the list. I’ll be adding all these sunset spots to my list of places to visit. I would fall asleep on those bean bags on Seminyak beach. They look comfy.

  5. mily jain Reply

    I loved the pictures at the temple. I have been to Bali and it is a gorgeous place!

  6. Ania Travels Reply

    Wow photos are absolutely incredible! I love a good sunset and sunrise photo. I thought the best sunsets I’ve seen were in SEA !!!

  7. sabrina barbante Reply

    the natural landscapes in Bali are all so spectacular! Sunset is one of my favorite things to admire and photograph, so I think I will search for all these spots in my Bali trip!

  8. David Elliott Reply

    Bali just looks so amazing. With all the gorgeous beaches and sunsets, it’s definitely on my bucket list of places to go to.

  9. Jen S Reply

    Those pictures are so beautiful! I’ve never heard of someone going to Bali and not absolutely loving it.

  10. christy Reply

    I love these photos, I so want to go to Bali, It looks incredble and the people look so happy- SO glad you went and documented it, how amazing. Thanks for sharing and that’s for sure on my bucket list for next year!

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