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Nyang Nyang Uluwatu beach

Nyang Nyang Uluwatu beach is one of thee nice beaches in Uluwatu area . Beautiful and quite beach just few hundred meters from Uluwatu Temple .

Bali is popular with its beautiful beaches such as Kuta beach , Jimbaran or Tanjung Benua also Pandawa beach and many more  . All thus beach are very busy with visitor everyday . Kuta beach is the main tourist place to go , the beach will always busy with visitors especially domestic tourist . Tanjung Benua is a beach which is famous for  Bali Water Sport Activity . Tanjung Benua attract most of visitor from Asia and domestic tourist for Bali Water Sport Activity . Another new and popular beach is Pandawa beach which is always full with Domestic visitors  . So almost all the famous beach are with many tourists around .

Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach

From all thus beaches only some of the beach still consider less tourists in it . Not yet , but for sure will be very busy after the area are develop . One of thus hidden beach is Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach which is located in the same area of all thus famous beach in the south . But only few tourists going there at the moment . Its very nice beach but have to prepare an extra energy to walk down the beach . From the parking lot you will need to walk down to the beach in a very new and unfinished walking small bumping road . Perhaps going down will not a big problem but it will be quite hard to go back up when you finish .

Bali Secret Beach | Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach | Bali Surfing beach

Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach

Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach is stretching along Uluwatu area , just few hundred meter from the Uluwatu Temple . About 40 minutes until one hour drive from Kuta area , 30 minutes from Nusa Dua . To find  Nyang Nyang Uluwatu beach isn’t so difficult . Just drive to Uluwatu Temple direction and few hundred meters right before the entrance gate of Uluwatu Temple there are a big sign of Nyang Nyang Uluwatu beach . The road is quite new but only reach until the parking area . From the parking lot area you need to walk down to the beach .

So are you looking for a quite beach ?
Less visitors but still around tourist area . Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach is an answer right now . Come there before the beach become so crowd in the future

How to get to Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach

  • We South Bali Tour program to explore the south part of Bali Island . Nyang Nyang Uluwatu Beach can combine with some nice beach in the south and Uluwatu Temple in one day .
  • Prepare your self to be in fit condition to walk up and down to the beach in a very steep road .
  • Swimming and surfing will be the main activity here



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