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Batuan Temple Bali

Batuan Temple Bali

Batuan Temple Bali is one of the ancient temple in Bali island . The temple where we worship a God on his manifestation as Brahma , Wisnu and Siva . In Bali island known as Tree Murti and the temple also known as kahyangan Desa .

Batuan temple Bali

Living together as one community is one of the concept and the Temple is not only  for worshiping the God but also as a social interaction

Pura is one of the important place to worship God for all Hinduism in Bali island . Bali Island which is still keeping Hindu religion as the main concept of living  . Balinese peoples which is Hindu majority are very consistent maintain the culture and tradition . This way make Pura or Temple is very important place for all Balinese ritual to worship the God . Every temple ceremony will accompany by many even such as dance performance also during the preparation will involve all the villagers . This is kind of  social interaction among our Balinese peoples .
Even though the modernization are coming and cant stop the flow but the peoples of balinese still strongly keeping the culture and tradition . With the the modernization and tourism industry in Bali we still able to keeping the harmonization . The temple that only use for offering and local peoples even in the past  also become a tourists sites . Of course the visitors have to respect the customs and tradition if the would like to enter the temple . The rituals , local social even and tourism business go hand in hand without harming each other .


Batuan temple Bali | Puseh Batuan temple | Trinity Temple

Batuan Temple

The view of this harmonization we can see in each temple sites in Bali , especially Batuan Temple Bali . This article will specifically introduce the Batuan Temple Bali through my article . Isn’t perfect one because my English is not my native language but wish you enjoy reading it .
Batuan Temple lies in a very strategic location . On the main road to connect to Ubud village area , the famous tourist village in bali island . About 16 km from Denpasar and that we can reach about 40 minutes to one hours depending on the traffic . The temple location is in Banjar Tengah ( Banjar is a local community organization ) , Batuan Village , Sukawati District . Batuan village is also known as the center of art painting village , one of the old village in Bali . Beside that Batuan village is noted as a village of unique painting style , this Batuan style painting developing since 1930 and has become the icon of the village .

Batuan temple Bali

Batuan temple built around 11 century during the King Sri Aji Dharmawangsa Wardana from Warmadewa Dynasty . Warmadewa Dynasty  is the Hindu Kindom Dynasty who rule over Indonesia archipelago  in a century back . They found in some inscription that the temple build in a year of 944 Caka ( 10 20 ) . We can see some of the ancient statue that they keep in one side of the temple as in one archeology building .

Batuan temple Batuan temple Bali Batuan Temple Bali

As another temple architecture , Batuan temple is divided by three different area . Outer yard , middle yard and inner yard of the Temple . To enter the temple we will pass a giant gate and another gate to enter the main temple area . Here we allowed to enter to the main yard of the temple , where there are a lots shrines with very beautiful sculpture design . Outside the temple area by the parking area there are big open building that we call Wantilan . This building is use for any social even such as Balinese dance performance during the temple ceremony and also meeting hall for the villagers .



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Hii All Thank you for reading my article . My name is Made from Bali Island , I am a private driver and tour guide in Bali . writing an article about our culture and tradition , beauty and interesting place to visit is my hobby . My article is far from perfect but wish can help anyone who read to find a new idea where to go for vacation .
  1. Kallia Reply

    It looks like it is very historic! Temples like these you have in yourpictures are wonderful to be feautured, so a lot more people know about them! Wonderful article, with rich content!

  2. Familyearthtrek Reply

    I think this is main reason for why Bali is so special (and many other places in Indonesia) is that you are very fond of your roots and tradition! You are proud of them! I wish in Thailand we could dress more tradional and less mini shorts and skirt!

  3. brit Reply

    This was an interesting read. I love learning about new places and their culture. I always find that very interesting. Awesome post.


    Wow the temples all look stunning. I have yet to visit Bali so haven’t seen them myself.

  5. Ana Reply

    It was interesting to find out that the main religion is Hindu although it makes sense given the multitude of temples. Batuan is breathtaking!

  6. five little doves Reply

    I love reading your posts about Bali, it really does look amazing and they are always so interesting to read!

  7. Kavita Singh Reply

    It’s an interesting post to read. Bali is a perfect place and well known for its roots and tradition.

  8. sabrina barbante Reply

    Bali temples are like Indian ones to me… they look so mysterious to me and I tend to respect so much devoted people every time I visit them. Great post

  9. Genesis Reply

    That’s a really neat temple. There’s so much detail on it. I haven’t been to the country before, but if I ever go, this will be on my list of places to visit. Thanks!

  10. Aditi Reply

    Wow! This temple looks so beautiful, I love visiting temples as they relax and calm me down. I alway find it a very peaceful experience. I visited a few temples while we were in Bali and loved that time. Thanks for sharing this post, it brings back so many memories. 🙂

  11. kathryn Maher Reply

    I have always wanted to travel and see Bali for myself. Hopefully I will some day. This Batuan temple looks very majestic against the wonderful background landscape. Love the photo of the Balinese ladies.

  12. David Elliott Reply

    It always mystifies me how amazing the architecture of the past was with the limited tools that they had to build things. I would love to see the Batuan Temple as it looks so incredible.

  13. Nayna Kanabar Reply

    This temple looks so beautiful and spiritual.I have not been to Bali but I have heard that it has some amazing architecture in temples.

  14. Apostolia Reply

    Wow! The architecture! Bali is such a beautiful place with great tradition. Isn’t it amazing how they build all these back in time? Without our nowadays tools and “design”?

  15. Taylor Reply

    Your photographs look amazing. they really show the detailed architecture of the temples which show off some of the beautiful cultures in Bali

  16. Lizzie Jones Reply

    This is on my list to visit, it looks so wonderful and I love your pictures.

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