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Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi

Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi the very unique and beautiful temple of Royal King Mengwi . Recently awarded as one of the world heritage site by UNESCO .

Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi  is a royal king Mengwi’s family temple . Aproximately 18 km from Denpasar . Taman in Indonesian word mean garden and Ayun from word ayunan which is mean floating in Balinese . This temple are build inside the wide moat , a man made moat that use for irrigation source .

“Above is the pictures of the temple from outside , we can see a big created moat surround the temple area “.

Every temple in Bali has its own characteristics . Depending of which area the temple are build . Taman Ayun Mengwi Temple has its own unique design compare than other temple in Bali island . The temple surrounded by wide moat and large garden . Beautiful green grass at the first and second yard of the temple . In other part by the moat side and behind the temple is a big threes garden . Some tropical local fruits such as giant mangoo threes , water guava threes , kanto Lampo , Sentul , Boni and also many more .
From the parking area we walk through the giant gate to the temple . Pass through the bridge over the moat into another gate to the first  yard of the temple .  On the right side after the first yard gate’s entrance , there is a big open building . The building has unique traditional architecture , using coconut wood as a Pillar , bamboos and Alang Alang grass for the roof material  . In the center of the open building there’s small arena for cockfighting . I don’t know if they still use for cockfighting even for this day . On this arena we only see the statues of cockfighting even . Two man holding his roster and another three man statues . One  in charge as a referee and another two is the money keeper of the gamblers .

Taman Ayun Temple
The big gate outside when we enter the Temple area . All this pictures are taken outside the temple , at the first entrance by the main street

Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi

At the out yard of the temple is just a big green grass garden . There are also few small shrine and water fountain . After the first yard we will enter another gate to the second yard of the temple . The second yard also with big green grass yard areas and some building including Bali Kulkul ( traditional wooden belt placed on the high building ) .
In the main yard of the temple where we can’t enter is the holiest part of the temple . There are many tall shrine with black roof made out palm hair threes . This shrine we call MERU , the number of roof of each shrine are different . Its from 1 roof until the highest 11 roof , all in odd number . Meru is the shrine in some specific temple is a place to worship a God on his different manifestation . Mainly in Bali we worship as Lord Brahma the creator , Lord Wisnu the protector and Siva or Iswara as a God of destroyer . Other than the shrine that dedicated to God manifestation , there are few shrine to worship the King family ancestor .

Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi
The main shrine that we call MERU in the main yard of the temple . The pictures taken from outside the wall from the walking path around the Temple .

In this main yard of the temple we can’t actually enter but we walk along the small walking trek outside the temple wall . The wall isn’t so high and were set to be able to see inside from outside the wall . There are also a stopping place right in the middle behind the Temple where we can make a good picture with the temple behind us . This walking path will back to the entrance gate of the temple .

Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi
Walking in the garden behind the Temple is such a refreshing moment with fresh air and under the shade of some big threes . 

About Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi is a family the temple of royal king’s Mengwi . Built around 16 century by I Gusti Agung Putu , the founder of Mengwi Kingdom .  The temple located in the center of Mengwi district , about 18 km from Denpasar city . in 1937 there were a big restoration , followed by another at 1949 for the main gate restoration and also built the big building call Wantiln at the outer yard of the Temple . Another big restoration were in 1972 to 1976 were the last restoration .
Originally Taman Ayun Mengwi Temple is just a small Temple of the king family temple to worship their ancestor . But since the Kingdom grow bigger and consider one of the biggest kingdom in Bali , than the King move the temple to the east to have a bigger space . From the small family temple than become a big temple to worship a God manifestation that also use for the kingdom’s peoples to worship the God .

Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi

Taman Ayun Mengwi Temple Tour

We organize a great tour itinerary program to Mengwi temple . The temple is actually located in a very strategic location , mean it can easily combine with many tour direction such as .
  • Ubud Tanah Lot Tour
    A full day tour to combine Ubud area and Tanah Lot temple . Along the way to Tanah Lot temple before the sunset we will stop at this temple . Taman Ayun temple Mengwi just located along the way from Ubud to tanah Lot . See the tour details here
  • Bedugul Bali Country Side Tour
    Another full day tour toward Bedugul area , to the lake Beratan to visit another magnificent temple which is also built by the King . Ulun Danu Temple , the temple by the western rim of Beratan lake . During this trip Taman ayun Temple Mengwi is the first stop than combine with visiting Jatiluwih Greenland and also Tanah Lot temple .
  • Tanah Lot Sunset Tour
    Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi as the first stop of a half day trip to see the great sunset at Tanah Lot Temple . Also combine by visiting Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest
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