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New Wanagiri Village tourist site | Wisata Kekinian

New Wanagiri Village tourist site is a new tourist destination site . Wanagiri village known as one of the most beautiful village in the north Bali . This village is lies on the northern rim of Bedugul mountain offer a great view of two lakes . Known as twin lake view , view of Buyan lake and Tamblingan . 

New Wanagiri Village Tourist Site Bali Island are really depending on the tourism industry . Not only the culture , friendly peoples but there are still a lot more beautiful things to explore . Yes the nature is one of the biggest things need  to explore in Bali Island . Tourism bring a good living opportunity and bringing a great idea how to develop our area become a tourist destination . Using a social media peoples can introduce his area with a great idea .There are many new sites are become another tourist icon . This kind of booming tourism site usually for local visitors . Young and active generation , social media generation . Nothing more than selfie place and to post on their social media than become new trend .

I am talking a positive things about tourism not the negative things . I am sure above all the good things , tourism also cause a massive damage  . But I believe good and bad will always be together , and its  our duty to always keep things in balance .

New Wanagiri Village tourist site | Bali Tour Guide | Bali Guide 

New Wanagiri village tourist site is nothing more than selfie place . This brilliant idea created by the local peoples around there , a great idea to create something for the young domestic market . This idea bring them a great income , where now this village is not only stopping place for the peoples from north who live in the south . But amazingly this new trend tourist site has become a huge issue for whole teenager all around Bali . Everyday especially weekend this place are full with local visitors , they willing to line up and waiting their turn to enter and take selfie pictures . Its amazing isn’t it ?

New Wanagiri Village Tourist Site

So far in this recent years , I observe a new trend of our local peoples life style . They spend more money not for shopping a new clots , shoes , bag or others but keeping their money for traveling . It’s a good things for us to , Bali Island as a main tourist destination will not only for International tourists but also for our domestic tourist . I things in the future tourism will be our biggest industry , not only in Bali but there are so many beautiful places all around Indonesia . With 250 million population , our domestic visitors will be our biggest tourist in our own country . So far Bali Island is the main destination but Indonesia has a million beautiful places to explore . 17.000 Islands , over 300 tribes and ethnic and also around 300 different dialect . I am proud to be a part of it , I LOVE INDONESIA  .

New Wanagiri Village Tourist Site

New Wanagiri Village Tourist site | Bali Kekinian

So back to our main topic , New Wanagiri tourist site . This village is located right in the middle of Bali island . Along the main road that connect north Bali to the south Bali . This beautiful place offer amazing view of nature where there are 3 lakes around that area . Lies approximately 1200 meters above sea level make this places such a romantic atmosphere , misty , cold and fresh . For long times ago known as stopping area especially near the Monkey forest . We can find a local style restaurant along the rim of the lake by the road . Mostly they offer light local food such as Bakso , Sate and also Soto soup at the very cheap price .

New Wanagiri Village tourist site

For International tourist , this village is just along the road of north Bali tour , Lovina dolphin tour or also Bali country side . There are many beautiful and world famous site around this area such as Ulun Danu Beratan Temple  , Jatiluwih Greenland , Munduk Waterfall 

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